What is Testosterone? March 6, 2017

Testosterone is a steroid that is found in humans. It’s important to keep at normal levels, since if you have too little or too much, it can lead to a loss of strength, fatigue, bad sleep, bad libido, and more. However, when maintained well, it has various benefits for our health.

First, it helps to better our muscle mass. It can not only help you to bulk up, but to have better muscle quality. Some people look for the best Clen medicine online or talk to a doctor, and use it in conjunction with testosterone. These sorts of supplements can help to burn fat as well.

Next, it can give you more energy. Many studies show that around 75% of men with high testosterone levels were much less tired than those with low testosterone levels.

It can help in our emotional wellbeing. When the levels of testosterone in the body are high, it gives us a feeling of confidence and security. It boosts our levels of ambition by helping stimulate the brain. Some buy the best Clen medicine online and then use testosterone as well to improve their performance in the gym. They are more determined and get more done.

It is said that men that have high testosterone levels are also more protected from heart attacks and other sicknesses. Those with low testosterone levels seem to be more at risk to die from heart attacks or cancer. The amount of testosterone can also affect blood pressure and high cholesterol levels.

It helps to maintain muscle strength, fat distribution, bone mass, and more. Women also have this hormone, but in much smaller levels. When a woman has high testosterone, her body sometimes begins to have trouble with cycles, hair loss, extra hair growth on the chest , feet, or face, and other symptoms.

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