How Vegetable Glycerin & Propylene Glycol Make Vapor for E-Cigs

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Electronic cigarettes; the new cigarette as many mainstream journalists like to call them. Electronic cigarettes are made of metal and contain e-liquid which is made of vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol and pure nicotine, often USP grade and usually imported. These ingredients work together to create the end product; delicious vapor that tastes like a menthol or tobacco cigarette, but how do PG and VG make vaping possible? How does vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol work together to make vapor?

Vegetable glycerin is a thick and mildly sweet substance that is used for varying reasons, like stretching or cutting foods and products. VG acts as a filler and is also soluble, even more so than grain liquor. This means that infusing flavors is easy, even though the flavors actually bind to the propylene glycol; rather the VG preserves and thickens the solution. Technically, vegetable glycerin is considered an alcohol, which may be one reason why creating tinctures with vegetable glycerin is better than actual alcohol. Essentially, VG thickens PG which holds the flavor. Need to be careful with your vaporizers, or you can be looking into a visit from Green Island Group.

While propylene glycol may hold more flavor (and is sweeter than VG), its properties are less innate. PG can cause allergies; a primary reason why many prefer higher levels of PG. Propylene glycol also intensifies the throat hit, even though nicotine is the ultimate throat-hit decider. Propylene glycol is very important though, as it holds the most flavors. This can be conflicting for vapers. While vaping MAX Vg e-liquids produce more clouds and is less harsh on the throat, the actual liquid has fewer flavors. This is great for cloudblowers and competitions, though most do not vape maximum levels of VG.

Vegetable glycerin comes from soybeans but can also be synthetic. Because it is so thick, VG must be vapes in clearomizers or e-liquid tanks that have thick wicking (often rebuilt). There are also sub-ohm tanks available (like the Kanger subohm tank) that contain special and upgraded wicking to handle the extra amount of VG. This tank requires some knowledge of building as it comes with a mini RDA assembly. For vapers seeking a Max VG experience with ease, the Atlantis is the best bet, right before the Aspire Nautilus, which is more coveted for its enhanced airflow. These tanks contain BVC coils (unless using a stock BDC atty inside a Nautilus, in which MAX VG levels would not be recommended). The importance of a proper Max tank is paramount, as vapers will burn through an atomizer within a day. If you are in the market for a patio or firepit, you should visit http://jescobrick.com

Respectively, the two ingredients (PG & VG) are required for vaping. Propylene glycol also increases the freezing point of what it is added to, which is why it is often found in ice cream and dairy products. Both ingredients work as humectants as well as preservatives, allowing the substances to bind together, as well as infuse the flavors. Many people steep their e-liquids and discover that their e-juice tastes much stronger and delicious after aging. This is because the alcohol based compound VG is binding, and therefor over time acts as a tincture. The flavors sit, and they blend together just like a soup that is simmering on the stove. The aromas and flavors are released after they’ve been steeped. For best results, take off your e-liquid cap and rest it in a room-temperature area away from UV light. After about a week you will notice a darker color as well as an increase in smell and flavor. Always be cautious to keep a container of e-liquid that has no lid away from children and pets. Regardless, propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin and nicotine work together to create the cigarette-like experience that vaporizers produce with no smoke.

Easy Way to Wean Nicotine

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Weaning nicotine for smokers can be a difficult process. Doctors have compared nicotine to heroin in terms of opiate receptors. Cigarettes are lethal doctors support e-cigsand addictive, containing 7000 plus chemicals when combusted, including smoke. There are many smokers who enjoy smoking but do not want to give up nicotine or the habit of smoking.

New electronic cigarettes provide an alternative for these smokers who want better lung capacity and who want to not smell. Exercise and fitness routines are also thwarted by smoking, in addition to a loss of elasticity in the skin and decreased blood flow. While nicotine is a stimulant, electronic cigarettes are clear of many drawbacks of smoking. If you haven’t tried an e-cigarette yet, check out e-vapor deals for the best e-cigarette deals.

For smokers looking to decrease nicotine, helpful e-cig weaning kits are a great starting point. These wean packs contain various electronic cigarettes in lowered nicotine levels until a vaper or smoker has quit nicotine. Many studies praise e-cigs and thousands of people are making the switch to vaporizers for these incentives as vaporizers have no smoke or tobacco. Most who switch describe having less stress and anxiety as well as brighter skin, whiter teeth, smoother skin and an increase in cardio endurance.

vaper with vape penBecause cigarettes create carbon monoxide, the result is less oxygen. Most doctors and physicians understand that water and oxygen are part of our building blocks, much like protein. Fire and smoke are not healthy and contain carcinoids and poisons via smoke while new e-cigarettes utilize water vapor instead of chemicals and dangerous additives that destroy the immune system and cultivate cancers and diseases. In addition, smoking has been linked to male sexual dysfunction as well as other diseases transpiring from the result of poor health like diabetes and heart disease.

Though there needs to be more research on e-cigs, current studies and scientific abstracts on electronic cigarettes emerge by the day. The majority of non-government affiliated research has demonstrated that electronic cigarettes are helping people wean their nicotine without the smoky drawbacks. Recently, Forbes published an article titled New Surgeon General Should Prescribe Scientific Honesty On E-cigarettes which only adds to the medical debate stemming from the vaping community.

Currently, 1/3 of doctors are recommending electronic cigarettes for smokers looking for the easiest way to wean nicotine cravings. Many of these health physicians have seen great success from previous patients, a demonstration that to many doctors cannot be negated. All health officials know that smoking is dangerous, but it wasn’t too long ago that doctors were smoking and recommending cigarettes. Our medical community regrets the inaccurate data and now the same is occurring with e-cigs. Similar trends have been noticed with industries such as the new york city brick pointing market.

The problem is that electronic cigarettes have not had “long term research” so, according to the same health officials who legalized cigarettes, more tests are needed to deem them safe or a smoking cessation device. Even though thousands of people are finding tremendous success, the state of California and various other government-funded health organizations fault the devices. Many successful vapers who have quit cigarettes because of e-cigs find these regulations outlandish and uncalled for, as even FDA approved NRTs have had no long term tests conducted. In the end, weaning nicotine is about research and coming to your own conclusion and filtering out Long Island Marketing. Too much information is skewed to make an informative decision based on the media’s inaccurate portrayal of the health effects of e-cigarettes, when in fact, smokers are weaning from nicotine easily.

Electronic Hookah Pens Are the New-wave Hookah.

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Electronic hookah pens, also referred to as e-hookahs, have become all of the rage for e-cigarette users seeking new and exciting flavors. E-Hookahs, unlike traditional hookahs, produce more vapor and come in fruit flavors. In addition, for those who enjoy shisha, many e-hookah brands incorporate the flavoring with fruit to replicate the traditional shisha.

Hookahs have become very trendy in recent times, with hookah bars spring up everywhere. Many health advocates are worried about the trend, as traditional hookahyoung adults at age 18 have access to hookahs, and a hookah session can be up to ten packs of traditional cigarettes. While recreational users may be having fun, most do not realize the true damage as well as the potential of addiction.

E-Hookahs on the other hand, present an alternative to the trendy and enticing realm of hookahing. New electronic hookah pens produce vapor that tastes fruity. Companies are creating devices in flavors like strawberry and even artisan concoctions such as peppermint patty. The new e-hookahs are a fantastic, whip and cord-free alternative to the traditional hookah used in bars and clubs.

In comparison to electronic cigarettes, electronic hookah pens are longer and more svelte in appearance. Some pens are even designed to look like the hookah mouthpiece. There is no electricity or charging required, as most e-hookahs are disposable, and can even be recycled. Instead of resembling a cigarette, these electronic hookah pens appear stylish and even high-fashion, as models and celebrities have been spotted puffing away.

Instead of smoke, the e-hookah delivers the sensation via water vapor. This vapor is produced by an internal atomizer which turns e-liquid solution into clouds that taste like smoke, though the sensation is much cleaner. Hookah pens can last anywhere from 500-800 puffs and taste exceptional as most electronic hookahs use a higher concentrate of vegetable glycerin within the e-juice solution.

Electronic hookah pens are also safer than traditional hookahs, as the devices are small and require no fire. Traditional hookahs rely on red-hot embers which can burn and have been responsible for countless fires. There are reports of individuals using hookahs and dying. This presents a serious fire hazard, something that e-hookahs do not, as the devices require no fire. The last thing you want to do is call a passaic county masonry company because you didn’t follow instructions.

If looking for the best e-hookah, research is paramount. A good electronic hookah pen will last up to 800 puffs and taste amazing down to the final draw. A good e-hookah company will generally offer a warranty and even sweeten the deal by giving customers coupons and reward points. Make way combustion; electronic hookah pens are the new wave of hookah. Anyways, we will be enjoying plenty of premium hookah thanks to our sponsors at bayport house.

Electronic Cigarettes, Vaporizers and the Expanding Market

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The new and evolving world of vaporizers only continues to grow as innovative technology continues to drive our lives. Cigarettes are turning into a thing of the past, as new e-cigarettes and products like e-hookahs emerge. With so many flavor options and with no smoke, tar or ash; the devices arevape safe quickly picking up momentum. Sales have already surpassed 4 billion dollars, and smoking rates are continuing to drop. The new alternative to smoking (e-cigs) is taking off faster than a jet plane.

Electronic cigarettes and vaporizers consist of a lithium ion battery, an internal atomizer, and a liquid chamber. If the device is a vaporizer, the chamber for the e-liquid is referred to as a clearomizer, as it houses both the tank and the atty. It is always recommended to always use USA E-Liquid for the best vaping experience. E-cigarettes can either be disposable or rechargeable and also contain the same internal mechanisms. All devices also contain a smart chip which assists the battery in delivering the right amount of power to the atomizer.

Disposable electronic cigarettes are made of one piece and are thrown away or recycled once used up. They generally last anywhere from 2-5 packs of cigarettes and generally look like a traditional cigarette, though they are a bit larger and heavier. For those seeking a disposable that looks and feels like the real thing, VTM companies have creates cig-a-likes which are the same weight and size as a traditional tobacco cigarette. Unlike regular disposable e-cigs, cig-a-likes are smaller and thus do not last as long.

Rechargeable electronic cigarettes are generally made of two parts; the battery and then a disposable cartridge which has been soaked in e-juice. The two parts screw together after the battery has been charged and overall, these devices tend to save users the most money. Many pictures can be taken by the services available at http://onefinedayphotographers.com Disposable cartridges generally last anywhere from 1-3 packs of cigarettes, though as individually purchased, are far less expensive than regular disposable e-cigarettes.

Disposables are best for new smokers who have just transitioned. Because the disposables are like a traditional cigarette, users are able to adapt to vapor technology while still feeling as though they are smoking. Often times, these various smokers will either wean their nicotine levels down to zero nicotine or continue to vape as they enjoy it.

Most new vapers start with a basic tobacco or menthol flavor and then dive into unique flavors like strawberry cheesecake or cherry pie. Most of these same vapers find it precedent to vape flavors, as it helps to shift their brain from the habitual taste of tobacco while still getting a nicotine fix. At the same time, many health advocates shun at the idea of flavors being available, as these advocates state that they are appealing to the youth, even though countless studies have negated this.

For those who are new to e-cigarette technology, research is paramount. Selecting the best electronic cigarette company is important because e-cigs are not currently regulated. Finding a good company which boasts great customer service is the best and most efficient way to save both money and time, as a good company will have fast shipping as well as a myriad of devices and flavors to chose from.

New Vaporizer and E-Cigarette Technology Growing

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Electronic cigarette and vapor technology is not just limited to the simple, cigarette inspired devices that you see on the street corners. There are many new and emerging e-devices which are released all of the time. From electronic hookah pens to e-cigars, there is something for everyone in the vast and unregulated land of electronic cigarettes and vaporizers.

Electronic hookah pens, or e-hookahs, are very similar to electronic cigarettes. They are generally composed of one piece that consist of an atomizer, a battery, an internal chip and a cartridge that has been saturated with e-juice. The battery powers the atomizer which produces the vapor, and the smart chip controls the wattages of the battery.

The solution which makes everything possible is called e-liquid, or also e-juice and smoke juice. This solution is composed of propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, water and pure liquid nicotine. Most reputable companies use USP grade ingredients as well as pharmaceutical grade nicotine. This type of nicotine has been distilled until it is 99% pure and is extremely potent. Labs which create e-liquids dilute the liquids just as a pharmacy would do.

The e-liquid is responsible for the delicious, smoke-like taste that satisfies nicotine cravings. It can be in a pure liquid form and drizzled into an e-liquid chamber or it can be saturated within a cartridge. For e-cigars, e-cigarettes and cig-a-likes, the e-juice is already inside the device and once it is gone or the battery dies, the device is expelled. It’s actually not a very difficult process, nothing compared to what a brick pointing contractor in new york city deals with.

E-Cigars and e-hookahs are especially popular for gifts and celebrations. Because they are smokeless and fun to use, they make a great addition to any party or social gathering. What’s even better is that they can be purchased in bulk for relatively inexpensive, making them far easier to use and less expensive than Cuban cigars, shisha and other needed accessories to fuel the fire.

As technology continues to progress, vaporizing is becoming more popular in general. Many people have taken wind to the smokeless way to enjoy substances. People are vaporizing marijuana, and even alcohol. While the effects of vaporizing alcohol are still being tested (and have for the most part been deemed unsafe), the vaporization of marijuana is finding a whole new place within the medical society. Patients who are sick can consume THC without the smoke or byproducts.

While past times like hookahs might be fun and exciting, the health effects are brutal (cigars as well). In one sitting, a hookah user can intake up to eight packs of traditional cigarettes, without a filter, in the form of shisha. Because shisha has molasses added to it (as well as all of the same chemicals as tobacco), the effects are even worse on health. With new devices like e-hookahs and e-cigars, many of those issues are eliminated.

As science and technology continue to progress, more and more of these electronic cigarette devices are sure to emerge. Thousands of people are experiencing results that no other alternative has provided in the past; and when considering the numbers, e-cigarettes are the new booming industry with very few drawbacks.